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Lord willing every week on Tuesday I am going to post my worship set list for the following evening when I lead worship with the students at FBCSmyrna. Also included in the post will also be how I am specifically praying for the Holy Spirit to work in our students and volunteers attending the service. If you are reading this with me on Tuesdays then I would encourage to take 30 seconds and read over how You can pray for us on that night. I am excited. I think this is going to be cool and better than posting just my set list every week. What is my set list unless the Holy Spirit moves? A waste of time. That being said, here is Set List For Tomorrow #1:

The title of our current series is “Fully Devoted.” We are teaching students exactly how to be fully devoted to Christ. Last week we sang songs where we proclaimed that Christ is “the truth, the life, way” (Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall) and also simply sang “this world has nothing for me, I will follow You” (Rescue – Jared Anderson). This week I wanted to take a different approach. I want students to know that our God is a God that is WORTHY to be fully devoted to. You are the Lord of All. My God is Mighty to Save. Beautiful Jesus. Beautiful Saviour. Nothing is Greater. Those are some of the lyrics we will sing tomorrow night. I am praying students will be engaged and that both them and I will rest in the time of worship we have together. That I won’t look forward to the next song or rush a transition. That they won’t think about what they are going to do after the service. That WE could REST and take in every second and allow the Holy Spirit to work through the straight up praise of His people.

Father, would prepare my heart and students’ hearts even now for tomorrow night. Let us drop our baggage at the door. As we lift You high, bring Your saving and healing power. Father, would you raise up students in this generation ready to be fully devoted to You and ready to change our world. May they always know that You are worthy of being fully devoted to and who You are and what You have done demands a response. May they choose to respond to You in giving their lives fully to You. You are alone are good. You alone are trustworthy. You alone have made a way. In your name, Jesus, I ask and pray. Amen.


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Several weeks ago I was riding around in a car with David McCaman (boss and friend) preparing to film a promotional video for a car wash fundraiser for the students at FBCSmyrna. Myself and Canaan Chapman (my intern buddy) went through an automated car wash in the bed of a Ford Ranger. The water is surprising cold in those things and the spinning brushes don’t really hurt. I washed my hair in one. Here is the video.

I took one thing away from the day, and it had nothing to do with a car wash or making a video.

In the car on the way back to the church David asked me a question that has been echoing in my head since that day.

What is next? (regarding corporate worship/the worship genre/service programming)

Being a 19 year old worship leader/intern I almost feel unqualified to answer, but I am passionate about what I get to do and ready to be stretched and ready to grow and ready to be used. When he asked me I was unprepared to answer. I don’t even remember what I said. But since that day I have asked myself several times “Scott, What is next?” Soon I will post a few things I have come up with.

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5 Things

I had a great day today in HOTLANTA at Six Flags over Georgia. I went with about 35 students and a handful of our volunteers and a few Student Ministry staff (actually Chris is the only one that didn’t get to go and we missed him). Looking back on today I am grateful for 5 things (I will go in chronological order of how today happened):

1. David McCaman – Him and his wife let me spend the night on their couch last night so I didn’t have to get up at 4am to get ready and commute to the church this morning. Also, David and I kept it real on the way down there and I loved talking with him about a lot of cool things. I actually forgot that there were 15 upcoming freshmen in highschool behind us (which was good). I also think that if he wasn’t married already then we would get married.

2. The people I hung out with all day – Big thanks to Canaan, Mel, Kristie, and David and Jennifer McCaman for making today awesome. I learned one new thing about each of them. Melanie is funny. Like really. Jen Mc screams like a baby on rollercoasters. Canaan = pansy. Very good friend pansy I might add. Kristi Sully is jolly. Today was kind of my first day hanging out with her outside of church. David McCaman and I are way too much alike, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. FLASHPASSES – Others waited 2 hours on some rides. I think the longest we waited was like 15 minutes. Most waits were 5 or less. It was ridiculous. I felt bad (for like 3 seconds) as I strolled passed all these kids with their hearts set on getting on the next cart for Superman. HA! Then I laughed maniacally as I scanned my FLASHPASS and stole their seat.

4. My iPod – I switched vans on the way home. I was being a servant to pansy Canaan because he didn’t want to be on his van anymore. Should have told him to suck it up. So I rode home with a LOUD bunch of students and The Ole Bird Todd Graff (whom I love). It was a little different vibe in this van (yelling and shouting primarily) so the peace I received from the music was a relief.

5. My home – As much fun as I had today I did not want to be there one more second. My nose was tired of the 345690 different smells coming at it at once. My ears were tired of hearing parents scream at kids. My neck/head were tired of getting almost separated by rough roller coasters. And such is a day at an amusement park.

My (and probably Canaan, Jenn, Kristi, Mel, Todd, and David’s) prayer for today was Father, thank You for keeping us safe/sane. We love You and we thank You for FLASHPASSES.

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New Phil Wickham CD

The new Phil Wickham CD is going to be awesome. If you haven’t heard his music before go listen to it here. I have both of Phil’s previous releases (“Phil Wickham” and “Cannons”) and I’m not expecting “Singalong” to disappoint. This new CD was recorded live in Portland, OR and is just a ripped down set of Phil Wickham, his guitar, and 2500 voices singing a few of his songs and some hymns. He is a passionate songwriter and it is evident he believes he can change the world with his voice. And he just looks cool.

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