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PhotoBlog: This Evening

My roomate and a couple of friends were studying for an Aerospace something or other they have tomorrow morning so the downstairs was on lockdown tonight. I was getting a little cabin fever upstairs in my room so I decided to get out of the house for a bit. Here is the extent of my evening from about 8PM-10PM via pictures.

Yes. That says Jolly. Perfectly describes Brandon’s face here.

Lasagna was for dinner. Really good.

Home security device.

My baby. Gibson SJ-150. Les Paul Studio in the case. It would suffice to say I am a Gibson man.

Greg (pronounced Jee-Reg).



This is dangerous by the way.

Home sweet home.

Well there you go. I wrote a new song while I was at Starbucks that I am really excited about using at FBCSmyrna. I drank two cups of Pike Place Roast. It was good to have some ME time.

What have you done recently for some ME time?


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Praying For Parking Spots

I did it everyday last week. On the way to MTSU’s campus I would say a short request something like “Lord, I am running late. If I going to make it to class on time I am going to need you to come through for me.”


Five times last week. Twice on Thursday. By the second time on Thursday I just started laughing uncontrollably and was overcome with joy that I am in a relationship with a LIVING God that hears everything I pray. Knows every need. Even the seemingly insignificant ones.

It was a cool reminder.

I really don’t think I was doing it to test the Lord. I was just basking in the awesomeness of answered prayer.

I want to feel that everyday.

Thank You, Jesus.

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I completely forgot to post an answer to the “Where Am I?” post.

I was in the KUC on campus at MTSU.

There are a TON of people everywhere on campus and EVERYONE is different. I love it.

Since I work at a church I get to be around awesome people chasing after the heart of God all the time. Don’t get it twisted I LOVE that. They stretch me and challenge me constantly.

But there is just something I love about walking around campus (and being at my other job at Starbucks) and seeing people on the complete opposite side of the spectrum than me. I get tired of hanging out with Christians all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I cherish the times I  talk with my Christians brothers and sisters about how awesome our Saviour is or just fleshing out things going on in our walks with the Lord. BUT there is just something different when I talk to my neighbors (Drew and Garrett) about football or carry permits for handguns or their party stories until 3AM while they smoke and cuss and drink BR (beer).

Most of the time we just talk about junk that doesn’t matter at all and just laugh. I LOVE IT.

I have peaked their interest in the church, and they are excited about coming to check out a place where “a guy like me can work.” I guess it’s the tattoos.

I am praying that I could be a light to these guys (and their GFs Sarah and Becca) and that their interest would be sparked and that they would long to know the God that SO loves them.

Jesus, shine on me so I can shine Your light to my neighbors. Amen.

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World’s Youngest Preacher

I am about to roll out the door to History 2010, and I run across this. It is going to be a great day. My chest is sore from laughing.

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On August 25, 2008 I made a promise to myself to pray for a really great friend of mine everyday. His name is Carter Ambrister.

I have this card hanging up directly in front of my desk so that I can always remember to pray for him.

Carter is far from God, and my desire is for him to experience the same hope and assurance and joy and love and grace that Jesus Christ has given me.

This is my prayer:

Father, I ask that You would soften Carter’s heart and captivate with how awesome You are. Expose all of the worthless things in his life and leave him wanting more. Leave him wanting You.

“And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.” –James 5:15

Who or what are you praying for?

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I love experiencing that God IS real. That Jesus IS alive. Sometimes that happens in deep and intimate moments of worship or prayer. Or sometime it happens in a very practical or almost playful manner. Today was definitely the latter.

I was looking around for my phone this morning and it was NOWHERE to be found. I looked on the nightstand (which is where it should have been), in the bathroom, in the shower (yes, desperation), under the bed, on my desk, in my shorts I wore to work last night, in my pants I wore when I got home from work last night, and in my dirty clothes basket that my shorts I wore to work last night were in thinking that it might have fallen out of the shorts and into the basket!

All of this happened over a 2-3 hour timespan. I was about to give up and just by another phone. I was so frustrated because I knew that I had plugged it up and set it on the nightstand next to my bed. I sat down at my desk and just said aloud, “Jesus, I know You know where my phone is. Where is it?”

Nothing profound. Nothing spiritual. I just wanted to know.

I got up to go to the bathroom and I was walking past my bed after I got finished and felt a yearning to look under the bed one more time from a different angle.


I then responded aloud in typical Scott Mills vernacular, “Wow. You would, Lord!”

I’m smiling even as I type this because it was awesome. I feel connected. I feel like I am in a vibrant and real relationship. Its great to be reminded of that.

Next question I am asking: “Jesus, I know You know what my major is going to be. What is it?”

Those of you who know me are laughing.


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