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Crazy Love: A Revelation

I have been reading Francis Chan’s Crazy Love for the last week-ish, and today I came across this quote from A.W. Tozer at the beginning of of Chan’s Ch.6 “When You’re In Love”…

“O God, I have tasted Thy goodness, and it has both satisfied me and made me thirsty for more. I am painfully conscious of my need for further grace. I am ashamed of my lack of desire. O God, the Triune God, I want to want Thee; I long to be filled with longing; I thirst to be made more thirsty still. Show me Thy glory, I pray Thee, so that I may know Thee indeed. Begin in mercy a new work of love within me. Say to my soul, “Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.” Then give me grace to rise and follow Thee up from this misty lowland where I have wandered so long.”

When I find myself loving everything else except Jesus, I want this to be my prayer. It says everything I have ever wanted to say.


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New Blog Header

If you are reading this I would guess that new can’t help but notice my sexy new blog header. Big thanks to Kate Nabors for the photo and Sully for taking the original photo and making me a header that pops.

‘Preciate it guys.

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Do More.

We are starting a series at FBCSmyrna this week called Remedy. I am excited about this series for a few reasons:

Chris Hollomon officially deemed December “Intern Do Yo Thang” Month (I originally coined the term, but Chris made if official).

-that first part basically means this series is being lead by Canaan and I (the interns). I am very grateful for the opportunity to do this.

The series is going to be based around shedding light on the Social Injustice movement that is stirring up so much attention inside and outside the church. We are calling it Remedy because we feel like students (and everyone) need to understand that to feed someone a meal is not enough. To give someone clean water is not enough. To give someone a pair of shoes is not enough. These things are all good and necessary, but even more necessary is to leverage the meeting of a person’s physical needs into opportunities to satisfy their spiritual needs. The only true REMEDY for the oppressed, hungry, broken, marginalized is Jesus Christ.

-God has given me a ton of insight into what His heart for social injustice is. (James 1:27, James 2:15-16, Isaiah 57:15, Micah 6:6-8).

How can you do more this Christmas season? What can you do to show people what the true REMEDY is?

“Cease to do evil, learn to good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” Isaiah 1:17

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