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As of about 3 weeks ago I started this fresh new way to do my quiet time that helps keep me and my closest bros accountable to getting in the Word. Here’s a few scenarios that show how it works.

I wake up in the morning. Grab my Bible (or hit up this place) and flip to the selected chapter of the day (today was Galatians 5. Yesterday was Galatians 4. Tomorrow is Galatians 6. You get it). I read the chapter and pick out certain verses that resonate with me and really speak to me. Then I grab my phone and start a new text message to my four close accountability dudes. In the text message (or 2 or 3) I will respond to the text with something like…

“I love Galations 5:1. We should be so thankful for the freedom that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. He has redeemed us out from under the law that we could experience true and abundant life by His Spirit. I also love Galatians 5:16. This verse should encourage us to seek the Spirit in order for us to be able to deny the desires of ourselves and accept the desires of our Father. Let’s make sure we do that today. Say YES to our Father and NO to ourselves.”

The format is to just pick out a few key verses and tell why they speak to you, and then have a short challenge at the end of the text message for each person to impliment into their life that day.

Another scenario… I wake up late for work. I have to hurry and shower and get ready and get out the door (notice the quiet time skippage). I get 4 texts on the way to work from the guys with their key verses and challenges for the day. I obviously cannot forget to do my quiet time because I have been confronted with the fact that my 4 accountability dudes have already done theirs and I am the only person that has not. BUT say I am stubborn or ridiculously busy and go on without spending time in the Word… I should get a text from one or more of the guys shortly after lunch or sometime in the afternoon asking me why I did not send my verses.

An accountability factor is huge sometimes when it comes to doing a quiet time. Sometimes its just easy to justify not spending time with a God you cannot see. I have found that taking necessary steps (i.e. text message devotional) is a tremendous push to get you into the Word and spending time with your Saviour. I sometimes ask myself when I just don’t feel like reading or praying.. “Scott, how many times do you get up in the morning and read the Word and pour your heart to your God and still wish you were laying in bed?”

The obvious answer is never.

Time with our Saviour is priceless.


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